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Tom Brown, Jr is America's' most acclaimed outdoorsman, and a renowned tracker, teacher, and author. When Tom was only seven, Stalking Wolf Grandfather, an Apache elder, shaman and scout, began coyote teaching Tom in the skills of tracking, wilderness survival, and awareness.
Survival Training School of California: Official Site.
Save on 15% on all 2019 courses, memberships, gift certificates, programs with code wild. Click Here For Gift Certificates. Received Same Day By Email! Back to Top. Survival Training School of California, California 805 503-8861 Thomas Coyne Survival Schools LLC 2017.
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Few survival schools rival the excellence, comprehensive education, and professionalism of the Survival Training School of California. With international acclaim from USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, Toronto Star, Men's' Fitness, and Australia Channel 7 to name a few STSC brings you the highest caliber of wilderness survival preparation.
Wilderness Survival OVERhang Outdoor Vertical Education and Recreation Specialists in the instruction of outdoor, wilderness, and occupational safety, as well as an indoor climbing gym Prince George,
You are here: Home Adventures Training Training and Adventures Wilderness Survival. Wilderness Survival is a set of skills and attitudes that you can develop and build over time. Some skills cross over between seasons, others such as building snow shelters are specific to the weather, terrain, and vegetation conditions you are experiencing.
Northern California Adventure Black Oak Wilderness School.
Would" highly recommend the experience of the intimate, friendly classes and can't' wait to go out on a more adventurous camp outing next." 15 years wilderness educator. 10 years wilderness survival and traditional skills experience. NOLS certified WFR Wilderness First Responder.
Bay Area Wilderness Training Helping YOU get youth outdoors!
You are here: Bay Area Wilderness Training. Bay Area Wilderness Training supports teachers and youth workers with training, gear, funding, and community helping you get youth outdoors! The Santa Clara County Scholarship Program is here! Full Scholarships and FREE course registration for Santa Clara Country teachers and youth workers.
Wilderness Survival Basics in Berkeley, CA. TrackersNW: Outdoor leadership, wilderness survival and nature education for youth and adults.
Mariners Fishing Classes. Wilderness Survival Basics Bay Area, CA. Please see our updated Rangers Guild course catalogue here! Register for Wilderness Survival Basics. Meet at Trackers Earth Berkeley for the free optional Shuttle at 8 AM. 3049 Adeline St, Berkeley, CA 94703.
California Survival School California's' Premier Outdoor Survival School! Email. Google. LinkedIn. Pinterest. RSS. Twitter.
Our activity sites span across California and beyond and each offers a wide range of survival training opportunities, from single-day survival skills clinics to extended multi-day survival trips for those looking for more in-depth survival training. C alifornia Survival Schools wide range of wilderness survival training options include.:
The WilderSkills Story.
In addition to his expertise as a primitive survival skills instructor and outdoor guide, Dan is also a DHS/FEMA/EMI nationally certified C.E.R.T Community Emergency Response Team training instructor through the National Emergency Training Center and a Medical Wilderness First Responder. Today, Dan loves having the opportunity to make primitive skills and nature awareness learning opportunities available to thousands of people across California each year via California Survival School and WilderSkills primitive adventure programs.
WSC Survival School Our fundamental mission is to save lives.
We offer a broad scope of programs to provide the knowledge, skills, and tools pertinent to survival, to the enjoyment of the great outdoors, and to the confidence and peace of mind of knowing what to do when a need arises. To encourage enjoyment and adventure. On the lighter side, why do we journey into the wilderness?

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