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Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School. Who needs tents anyway? In Mountain Shepherd's' most" difficult, yet most popular course, Humble Thunder 550, students improvise their own shelters after making their way to their campsites with a topographic map and compass. This four-day, three-night class is taught by graduates of the U.S. Air Force's' prestigious SERE School which stands for Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape" in the rolling mountain country of western Virginia. It's' opening a second location in Tillamook, Ore. Don't' be afraid of the weather: classes are held year-round, meaning you could be using flint and steel to build your campfire in snow or the pouring rain. Eating bugs is optional, though. THE ACTIVE TIMES: 13 crazy obstacle races and mud runs. Survival Training School of California. Located where the Mojave Desert meets the Tehachapi mountain range north of Los Angeles, the Survival Training School of California is ideally placed for minimalist survival training in a variety of climates, all four seasons: A single seven-day course 1050; discounts for groups can take students from lush green valley to high alpine environment, and back down to the scorching desert.
Survival 101 Mountain Shepherd Adventure School.
military, and other government organizations. Its record made Mountain Shepherd the logical choice for survival training. Before you went, what did you think survival training would be like? Before Mountain Shepherd, I thought survival training was just training in primitive lifestyles.
Northwest School of Survival: Specializing in year-round wilderness safety training and adventures.
Whether its cold weather survival or wilderness survival, map compass / GPS navigation or a guided Mt Hood Summit Climb, we can provide basic through advanced instruction for any skill set covered in our courses. We offer year-round training at our base of operations Mt Hood, Oregon or we can travel to your location U.S.
Oregon Oregon Survival Survival School School. with Mark Wienert. Expert survival training.
Oregon Survival School. Oregon Survival School operates along the rugged and beautiful Oregon coast. Wienert offers basic to advanced training in outdoor survival and nature awareness skills. These are the skills you need to build your core foundation in wilderness survival.
Wilderness Survival Primitive Skills Courses.
Wild Edible Plants. OPEN Archery Range. Rovers Forest Preschool. Full-Time Forest School. No School Camps. Rovers Forest Preschool. Full-Time Forest School. No School Camps. Need an account? Trackers Portland Portland. Join Our Mailing List. Please select your subscriptions.: Trackers is Social! Follow us on your favorite social network! Share on your favorite social network! Join a Waitlist. Joining a waitlist for a SE Portland summer camp? Our NE Portland or W Portland locations often have space available in similar programs. See NE Portland Camps. See W Portland Camps. Before you go. Join our newsletter for the latest on Trackers. Wilderness Survival Primitive Skills Courses. Learn wilderness survival skills while training with the experts of Trackers Earth. Experienced instructors guide you through hands-on activities in outdoor lore and ancients skills.
Banat Wilderness Urban Survival Training Home.
I have traveled, trained, and worked all over the pacific Northwest namely, Oregon, Washington, and California. In living this life of travel, I have learned much about how people live their lives, and how they love and work in nature in this wonderful land in the corner of the United States. I sincerely look forward to sharing my life experience and skills with any and all who are interested. Having worked as a child and young adult in the outdoors with my family and friends, and later for the United States Forest Service, Multnomah County Sheriff's' Office Search Rescue as an active volunteer, Wilderness Survival Instructor and a life experience on Wilderness and Urban Survival, NRA Firearm Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, and Archery Instructor gave me not only skills but any awareness of and respect for all nature and life.
Mountain Shepherd Adventure School Prepare. Practice. Prevail.
Learning and practicing wilderness survival is not only fun; our training provides you with the knowledge and confidence to adventure responsibly! Girls Empowered by Mountain Shepherd GEMS gives girls in middle and high school empowering opportunities to learn survival skills, explore outdoor recreation, and learn about themselves while surrounded by supportive peers and positive role models. GEMS come to camp to expand their comfort zones in the outdoors, and grow into courageous, confident, compassionate leaders!
Wilderness Wilderness and and Earth Earth Skills Skills Classes Classes in in Portland, Portland, Oregon Oregon Rewild Rewild Portland. Portland.
Rewild Portland offers a series of one day workshops on earth skills also referred to as primitive skills, ancestral skills, survival skills, or bushcraft. These skills are often perceived as something only a hard-core wilderness survival skills expert can produce.
Whole Adult Earth Wilderness Nature Survival School Skills Fostering Training confidence, Whole resilience, Earth and Nature kinship School. with nature.
Through over a decade of offering environmental immersion programs we have created an approach rooted in ancient knowledge, filled with real life experience, and sprinkled with a touch of magic. Its not just outdoor play, it will transform the way you see the world.
Northwest School of Survival: Wilderness Survival Programs.
NWSOS Wilderness Survival Training. All of our survival courses Wilderness, Cold Weather snow, Primitive and Desert, will provide you with enough skill and knowledge to properly take care of yourself on all future backcountry endeavors, regardless of weather, location, or available equipment.

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