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12 survival schools that could save your life.
Survival Training School of California. Mountain Scout Survival School, Garrison, N.Y. and New York City: Having trained under the legendary Tom Brown, Jr, Mountain Scout's' lead instructor Shane Hobel who also goes by White Feather offers a variety of single-day survival classes from 60 within commuting distance of New York City. These courses teach trapping, tracking, fire by friction and other survival skills that could save your life if you get lost in the woods. But if you're' preparing for an urban disaster say, catastrophic grid failure Hobel also offers urban survival classes in New York's' Central Park. Wilderness Awareness School, Duvall, Wash: This environmental education non-profit emphasizes connection with nature, and has a variety of programs even for children. The Anake Outdoor School a school within a school offers its survival programs, including a 9-month wilderness immersion course, in the Pacific Northwest. Your trek will take you across the Cascades, through the sand dunes of Oregon and under the redwoods of California.
Survival 101 Mountain Shepherd Survival School.
The training camps are setup outside held under parachute canopies. The Virginia location courses are held on Mountain Shepherds gorgeous 100 acre property bordering the Jefferson National Forest. The magnificent Tillamook Forest is used for the Oregon courses. Do I need to bring a friend? If you come alone, you are guaranteed to leave with new friends! Of course, your friends are always welcome sign them up too! What is the age requirement of this course? This is a course for adults. 18 year olds may come alone. 16 17 year olds may come with a responsible partner over the age of 18. Why did you decide to attend a survival school?
Northwest School of Survival: Specializing in year-round wilderness safety training and adventures.
Whether its cold weather survival or wilderness survival, map compass / GPS navigation or a guided Mt Hood Summit Climb, we can provide basic through advanced instruction for any skill set covered in our courses. We offer year-round training at our base of operations Mt Hood, Oregon or we can travel to your location U.S.
Oregon Survival School.
Oregon Survival School. Oregon Survival School. Oregon Survival School operates seasonally along the rugged and beautiful Oregon coast. We offer basic to advanced training in wilderness survival skills. Emergency Survival Skills. The Oregon Survival School offers one and two-day outdoor survival courses.
Wilderness Survival Primitive Skills Courses.
Year Wilderness Skills Instructor Training. Sept May 3-days a week. Spend 9-months deepening your connection to nature and generating greater respect for the land and the timeless human story. Specialty Wilderness Survival Primitive Skills. Bow Making Basics. Craft a survival bow out of locally harvested materials with simple blades and knives. Hide Tanning Basics. Turn rawhide into soft leather that can be crafted into clothing. Make Your Bamboo-Hickory Longbow. In this course your craft a laminate longbow from bamboo and hickory. Appropriate for beginners in bow making. Year Round Mentoring. Trackers Earth Portland. 4617 SE Milwaukie Avenue. Portland, Oregon 97202.
Banat Wilderness Urban Survival Training Home.
I have traveled, trained, and worked all over the pacific Northwest namely, Oregon, Washington, and California. In living this life of travel, I have learned much about how people live their lives, and how they love and work in nature in this wonderful land in the corner of the United States. I sincerely look forward to sharing my life experience and skills with any and all who are interested. Having worked as a child and young adult in the outdoors with my family and friends, and later for the United States Forest Service, Multnomah County Sheriff's' Office Search Rescue as an active volunteer, Wilderness Survival Instructor and a life experience on Wilderness and Urban Survival, NRA Firearm Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, and Archery Instructor gave me not only skills but any awareness of and respect for all nature and life.
Mountain Shepherd Survival School Prepare. Practice. Prevail.
Mountain Shepherd provides the training experience you need to embrace lifes next adventure. You will develop a higher level of confidence to enjoy any environment should a wrong turn or change in the weather in the backcountry, a natural disaster or civil unrest in the front country, or the ever-changing business climate turn into a survival situation!
Wilderness and Earth Skills Classes in Portland, Oregon Rewild Portland.
Rewild Portland offers a series of one day workshops on earth skills also referred to as primitive skills, ancestral skills, survival skills, or bushcraft. These skills are often perceived as something only a hard-core wilderness survival skills expert can produce.
Adult Wilderness Survival Skills Training Whole Earth Nature School.
Join us to learn real outdoor and wilderness skills. Our goal is help you reclaim the skills of your ancestors and truly feel at home in the outdoors. Classes are offered approximately monthly around the Eugene-Springfield area on a variety of seasonal topics.
Northwest School of Survival: Wilderness Survival Programs.
Jul 813 Sat Thurs. Sep 9 14 Sat Thurs. Instructor Certification for Wilderness Survival. Aug 4-6 Fri Sun. Oct 6-8 Fri Sun. Alpine Safety Training Cold Weather Survival Training Desert Survival Training. Jungle Survival Training Primitive Survival Training Wilderness Survival Training.

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