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Ancient Pathways Outdoor Survival Courses and School Flagstaff, Arizona.
Customized Survival Courses. Ancient Pathways has been offering experientially-based courses in Wilderness Survival, Primitive Skills, and Bushcraft since 1989. Our approach is light on lecture and heavy on the application of practical skills. The best way to remain civilized is to get away from civilization for a while so check out our schedule and come join us for an adventure. During 2019 we will only be offering a handful of survival training courses for the military and search-and-rescue with most of our time committed to writing and consulting so there will only be a few courses for the general public until 2020.
Survival Training Courses International Canadian School of Survival.
Your training did help me a whole lot. It was not me that needed help to survive, but other people and your course did help them stay alive. Winter Arctic Survival Skills Feb 18-21. Cold Water Immersion Feb 22. Wilderness Safety Survival 1 Feb 23. Wilderness Safety Survival 2 Feb 24.
Kentucky Wilderness Survival School American Survival Co.
Reviews Menu Toggle. Leave a Review. Kentucky Wilderness Survival School. Bushcraft, Wilderness Urban Survival Training from Field-Tested Experts. American Survival Co. offers a range of training opportunities including.: Wilderness Survival Modern Primitive. Primitive or Modern Trapping. Primitive or Modern Fishing.
Bush Lore Australia.
Why You Should Do Our Courses What Makes Us So Different. Through the medium of practical hands-on training in bushcraft, wilderness survival, field tracking and observation skills you can learn to further appreciate and expand your understanding of the natural world. Bush Lore Australia provides training in search and rescue tracking, disaster survival, urban survival, survival self-defence, self-reliance, sustainability, team building, leadership and personal development.
Wilderness Survival Course and Training Outdoor Vancouver. envelope.
Last week I took the Wilderness Survival Course with the Canada West Mountain School. You will spend one evening learning about pre-trip planning, hazard recognition and avoidance, emergency kits, survival psychology and navigation skills. An overnight field session will allow you to truly experience a night out in the local mountains with minimum survival gear.
SOS Survival Training Ltd, Wilderness Survival, New Zealand.
For our Adult Survival Courses you must be over 18 years of age. We also offer Junior and Family Survival packages to suit a varied range of age groups. Our courses are conducted entirely outdoors at the SOS Survival training centre.
Thailand Jungle Survival Training Courses.
My friend Cody Lundin is a master at primitive living skills, wilderness living and survival skills. His Aboriginal Living Skills School is a must for all who are interested in training and learning survival techniques to use in the modern world.
Wilderness Skills Training, Survival and Nature Summer Camps Ithaca, NY Primitive Pursuits.
Born and raised in the surrounding hills, Elana is grateful to be a part of the Primitive Pursuits family and to support it's' mission for creating nature access for all. Fire wizard, primitive bow hunter, wilderness chef, and keeper of legends.
Holistic Survival School.
Primitive skills courses. Wood, stone, fiber, and bone! Learn skills using only the natural materials found around you. Learn how to honor an animals life my tanning it naturally. Overnight and weekend classes. Ready to take the next step? Find a class that suits your interests and time availability. Plant knowledge courses. Learn from our plant teachers. Food, medicine, everything! Rid yourself of the extras in life and learn what is most essential. Learn how to go beyond survival and make anything you need from the landscape around you.
The UKs Largest Bushcraft and Survival Courses Equipment Provider.
Out of Hours Out of Hours Instructor Mobile. Woodland Ways operates multi award winning bushcraft course and Survival School in the UK. Join the UK's' leading Expert of Bushcraft courses, survival courses, wilderness weekend, foraging courses, family bushcraft weekends, bushcraft equipment and outdoor survival skills training course.

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