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Teaching Drum Outdoor School Where the wilderness is the classroom.
TEACHING DRUM OUTDOOR SCHOOL is home to the 11-Month Wilderness Guide program the only long-term wilderness immersion experience its kind. Our wilderness guides have over 74 years of combined experience in wilderness survival skills and personal development training. They have made it their lifes mission to help others reconnect with nature, to their deepest selves, and to find balance within.
Complete Wilderness Survival CWS Boreal Wilderness Institute.
If" you want Real applicable Survival Skills No Survival TV Crap, Take this Course, it Might Save Your Life" CWSC Graduate. BWI s Complete Wilderness Survival CWS is One-of-a-Kind, World Class, Professionally Taught Modern Wilderness Survival Course, combining the Survival Core Seminar, Winter Field Session, Winter Field Training together.
Survival Camps in Temagami, Algonquin and Northern Ontario.
Find your camp. Survival camps are found throughout northern Ontario, including the regions of Temagami, the Huntsville and Algonquin areas and regions as far north as James Bay and Hudson Bay. These are ideal for kids and teens who want to take adventure to a whole new level or want to gain a deeper understanding of life in the woods or get in touch with a part of our past that seems to be receding for good. Given the isolation inherent here, this category has many exclusively boys summer camps as well as girls summer camps. Learn to survive and thrive in Canadas harsh wilderness at one of these thrilling, adventurous and educational summer camps. The adventure camps listed below will be able to offer you deep background on what you will learn and what you will need to do in order to survive in the woods. More Summer Camps. Overnight Summer Camps. Sports Camps for Kids. Educational Camps for Kids. Camps by Region. Camps in Ottawa Area. Algonquin Park Summer Camps. Camps in Huntsville Muskoka. Ontario Summer Camps. Toronto Summer Camps.
Step 2: Build A Kit Emergency Management Ontario.
Build your own survival kit checklist. Build an Emergency Survival Kit. Your emergency survival kit should have everything you and your family would need to be safe and take care of yourselves for at least three days immediately following an emergency.
Home Canadian First-Aid Training CPR AED.
Want to know when our next first-aid training course is taking place? Visit our Course Page or Contact Us for more information. Get trained in first-aid. We offer a number of first-aid courses. Visit our Course Page to see which one is right for you!
WSC Survival School Our fundamental mission is to save lives.
We offer a broad scope of programs to provide the knowledge, skills, and tools pertinent to survival, to the enjoyment of the great outdoors, and to the confidence and peace of mind of knowing what to do when a need arises.
Lifesaving Society Swim to Survive.
survival training programs. The Society defines the minimum skills needed to survive an unexpected fall into deep water. These are expressed in a skill sequence in the Canadian Swim to Survive standard.: ROLL into deep water. TREAD water for one minute.
Home Canadian Bushcraft.
Founded and instructed by staff who share a passion for the wilderness, our programs range from modern ultralight backpacking, to primitive technologies and everything in between. From day-long workshops to in-depth one week immersion courses, we encourage people from all walks of life to immerse themselves in our natural environment.
Think you can survive a Canadian wilderness course? The Globe and Mail.
Book a Basic Bushcraft Skills program with Canadian Bushcraft, a Hiawatha First Nation-based operator specializing in wilderness survival courses throughout Central Ontario. On a three-day program, you will learn how to build a debris hut a shelter made with scavenged branches and readily available materials from the forest, which is secured using string derived from milkweed and dogbane plants. You'll' start a fire using friction and stones such as quartz, and then keep it going. For food, plants are your best bet. You'll' learn how to identify edible shoots such as cattail, the roots of which are a source of starch and taste like a sweet potato when roasted. Hunting, even for small animals, is a much greater challenge. The right snare trap can work, but ant larvae and bullfrogs will provide protein in a pinch. On all courses, tents, food and supplies are brought along as a backup. This training isn't' meant for people planning to venture into the wild with nothing; it's' insurance for the well-equipped in case things go awry.
Basics of Wilderness Survival Course Credit Valley Conservation Credit Valley Conservation.
Hosted by Friends of Terra Cotta. Join expert David Arama of Wilderness Survival School for a solid introduction to the skills and knowledge necessary to live through a short-term wilderness survival situation. You will gain knowledge in.: Survival Preparedness and Avoidance.

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