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SERE Training. SERE Training.
NOT A VICTIM! Recommended Survival Gear. Level 1 Survival Instructor Certification 45 Day. Level 2 Jungle Coastal Survival Certification 9 Day. Survival Manuals PDFs. Military Manuals PDFs. Survival Medicine PDFs. Survival Trappers Bible. You are here: Home / Survival Training / SERE.
Civilian SERE-CRS Combat Readiness Survival classes.
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SERE Urban Wilderness Survival School. SERE Urban Wilderness Survival School.
We have a 100% success rate of training students to escape difficult restraints and get away. You will get away, if you follow our instructions in class. We will give you a 20 minute window during the interrogation to escape, from there you are on your own. You will be given a series of missions to complete and you will be given a head start and then chased by trackers! Though it helps to be physically fit, its not a requirement to complete this course. THIS CLASS IS OPEN TO ALL CIVILIANS AND IS DESIGNED FOR CIVILIANS THAT TRAVEL TO HOSTILE COUNTRIES OR NEED EE SKILLS! Recommended Survival Gear for SERE.
Water Survival Training for Pilots and Crew.
K'NEX' Classroom Set. Home Civilian Water Survival Training. WATER SURVIVAL TRAINING. This program is designed to provide pilots, crew, and passengers with the knowledge and skills needed to survive unanticipated water landings and/or other episodes where rescue may be required.
12 survival schools that could save your life.
Survival Training School of California, Tehachapi, Calif: Located where the Mojave Desert meets the Tehachapi mountain range north of Los Angeles, the Survival Training School of California is ideally placed for minimalist survival training in a variety of climates, all four seasons: A single seven-day course 1050; discounts for groups can take students from lush green valley to high alpine environment, and back down to the scorching desert.
Advanced Survival Training: Home.
Advanced Survival Training has a course for every wilderness skill that you would need not only to come home safely, but also to make the wilderness a second home. Advanced Survival Training also provides an array of urban survival and food gathering classes, to provide you with greater security during disasters and in uncertain times.
Civilian SERE Survival Training School of California: Official Site.
What To Bring. Sleeping gear; bag, mat, tent is optional. Appropriate outdoor clothing for the time of year no shorts. Flashlight or headlamp. Clothes that can be stained and damaged. Back to Top. Survival Training School of California, California 805 503-8861

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