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They are popular as business excursions or as a holiday, most of the time when a survival training is used for recreational purposes it has the intention to help expand team work or strengthen the bond of a group by challenging the group with survival challenges that involve strong elements of teamwork.
Survival in Canada.
Survival in Canada. SURVIVAL TRAINING and BUSHCRAFT EXPERIENCES in BC's' Canadian wilderness, with western Canada's' leading wilderness living school. Mother Nature is not out to get you. You just have to speak her language, show her respect, and listen to what shes telling you. Survival in Canada.
Survival Training Courses International Canadian School of Survival.
Your training did help me a whole lot. It was not me that needed help to survive, but other people and your course did help them stay alive. Winter Arctic Survival Skills Feb 18-21. Cold Water Immersion Feb 22. Wilderness Safety Survival 1 Feb 23. Wilderness Safety Survival 2 Feb 24. Wilderness Safety Survival 3 Feb 25.
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This session will thoroughly cover all aspects of wilderness Survival, emergency kits, incident response and will also serve as preparation for the field session. The field session will be a 2-day overnight trip into a forested wilderness area. On the first day you will meet with your group at the pre-arranged trailhead at 0900. The hike into the training site is usually short about 2 hours.

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